Valorizing people, recovering forests and protecting the environment

C3 Inteligência Ambiental is dedicated to implement actions of conservation, regeneration and sustainable management of the Brazilian native forests, contributing, therefore, to the mitigation of climate change.

Management of Forests and Ecosystem Services

We quantify and verify ecosystem services resulting from the increase in vegetation cover from conservation and restoration of native forests, with emphasis on carbon stocks. Our analysis are science-based and take advantage of the latest technologies of monitoring and geoprocessing tools. To guarantee transparency, data and methodologies used are made freely available to landowners, stakeholders and third parties auditors.

Socioenvironmental Actions

We are a company that valorizes people that take care of our planet!

Through the implementation of actions that generate ecological services and provide an alternative income to farmers and traditional communities, we seek economic development with socioenvironmental equity.


Generation and Trading of Carbon Credits​

Our actions contribute to increasing the sequestration and fixation of atmospheric CO2, reducing the damage caused by global warming and generating carbon credits. These are transparently and reliably traded on the voluntary market and passed on to our provider partners as payment for environmental services yielded for the planet.

Validation of Global Reforestation Projects

Believing in the potential of collective actions to reverse the devastating effects of climate change, we act as validators of reforestation projects around the world. We are part of the validators team of the Open Forest Protocol (OFP) platform, an organization created with the aim of facilitating financing of reforestation projects using blockchain technology to tokenize carbon credits.

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